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Helping people by removing barriers for creative expression.

Roles: Product Design Lead
Project: Microsoft PHOTOS AI EFFORT • 2024

What is it?

A feature that helps you transform your photos with a single click.

Transformation of Existing Images:
This feature allows users to take an existing image and apply a new style to it. The style can range from presets of classic art forms (like impressionism or surrealism) to modern digital art styles or specific thematic aesthetics. Additionally, users can stylize using their own writing.

AI-Driven Style Application:
The restyle process uses the Stable Diffusion model to reinterpret the input image according to the specified style, producing a new image that maintains the original content but with the new stylistic elements.


Figma prototype of An example user flow on stylizing an image using presets.

Who is it for?

Artists and Designers:
Professional and amateur artists who want to explore new creative possibilities by transforming their artwork into different styles without manually redrawing them.

Content Creators:
Individuals creating visual content for social media, blogs, or marketing who need diverse and engaging visuals.

Those working on projects that involve image processing, computer vision, or AI who can integrate this feature into their projects for enhanced look & feel, and just for fun.

What is it for?

Creative Exploration:
To enable users to experiment with different visual styles and discover new aesthetic potentials for their images.

Enhancing Visual Content:
To provide a tool for improving and diversifying the visual appeal of images used in various contexts like marketing, advertising, and digital media.

Artistic Inspiration:
To serve as a source of inspiration for artists and designers by showing how their work could look in different artistic interpretations.


As a photo enthusiast, I want to easily apply new styles to my photos, so that I can enhance my images and express my creativity quickly and efficiently without needing advanced editing skills.

What I did


I crafted the end-to-end user flow for our product, exploring scenarioes, and ensuring every interaction from entry to exit is seamless and intuitive. By optimizing each step,  I created a streamlined journey that guides users effortlessly towards user goals, enhancing their overall experience and driving satisfaction.

I did this by sketching out scenarios in Figma and making prototype figma interactions and videos of end to end experiences that I shared with stakeholders.


Explored various popular art styles from both historical and contemporary periods, identifying those that are visually appealing and have practical applications for users.

I researched art styles by going back to the art history books and relearning about various eras, characteristics of certain art styles through out our history and current present time.


All images displayed in these thumbnails are AI-generated using Stable Diffusion XL model with prompts that I crafted.

Example of image results using Restyle Image




Restyled image examples using prompts or Presets

I discovered the art of eliciting optimal output when stylizing images through text and sentence prompts. My role involved delving into various AI models, understanding their prompting methods, and integrating them into our model to achieve superior and desired outcomes. It's about leveraging the power of language to unlock the full potential of image stylization.

I did this by trial and error. I began experimenting with different prompts to see how the model responds. I started with simple prompts and gradually increase complexity as I  gain familiarity with the model's behavior. I paid attention to how the model interprets and generates text based on my prompts.

Example of a prompt I crafted for the thumbnail for Papercraft:

Apply a paper cut out style and with a look and feel of retro and contemporary elements, reflecting both nostalgia and modern sensibilities. incorporates elements of whimsy, and a balance of masculine and feminist undertones, with analogous pink color palette, paired with warm vibrant and pastel colors, playful patterns.


The challenge with prompting is that people often struggle to write effective prompts. Many are not writers and, although they may know what they want or envision, they find it difficult to articulate their ideas clearly.
I found that the most straightforward concept of prompting to help users start their prompting journey is giving users a user-friendly interface that provides guided suggestions and templates for prompt creation, similar to a Mad Libs-style approach. This tool can include style options, color schemes, and characteristic presets to help users easily translate their ideas into clear, effective prompts.


this is An example of a UI treatment is to assist users in writing prompts by providing pre-filled sentences, which they can then modify or completely rewrite to suit their needs. This approach is designed to aid users who may not be confident in their writing skills.

Other things I did

Worked closely with the marketing, product, and engineering teams to align our efforts, ensuring that we not only meet projected key results but also maintain a focus on the feasibility of implementation within our timelines. While steadfast in my convictions, I remained open to feedback from all stakeholders, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives in achieving our shared goals.

I achieved this by proactively managing communications, promptly addressing requests, and diligently setting clear timelines for myself.

User sign-in flow
Teaching tips and messaging
Facial detection guidelines for Responsible AI compliance
Prompt Saving


a figma prototype of a sign-in flow using microsoft account to enable the restyle image feature on the photos app. 


User Impact

Enhanced Creativity:
Empower users to experiment with different styles and aesthetics.
Foster a greater sense of creative expression and artistic exploration.

Encourage users to spend more time on the platform, experimenting with various styles and sharing their creations.
Boost user satisfaction by offering advanced customization options.

Staying On-Trend:
Help users stay current with visual trends, making their content more relevant and appealing.
Offer preset styles inspired by popular trends, ensuring users can easily keep their photos updated.

Enhanced Personal Branding:
Allow users to develop a consistent visual style that enhances their personal or professional brand.
Improve the aesthetic quality of photos shared on social media, blogs, and other platforms.

Product Impact

Increased User Retention:
Higher satisfaction and engagement rates lead to increased user retention.
Users are more likely to continue using the device for their photo editing needs.

Competitive Advantage:
Differentiate the product from competitors by offering advanced, easy-to-use restyling features.
Attract new users looking for innovative and intuitive photo editing tools bundled with their device.

Enhanced Device Appeal:
Make the device more attractive to potential buyers by including powerful, user-friendly photo editing software.
Provide additional value to the device purchase, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


restyle image recently took centre stage at the announcement of COPILOT+PC LAUNCH EVENT 

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