U.S. Elections 2020

Data visualization in mobile experience for customers closely following the 2020 U.S. elections.

Roles: UX Design lead and creative direction

With the 2020 elections in America, we need to create a seamless mobile experience for people who are closely following the elections - things like candidates, data visualization stats, campaign news leading up, during, and the aftermath of the elections. With the growing number of mobile users, the need for a seamless mobile experience was tremendous. The core purpose of this feature is to seamlessly interpret the desktop design of user data visualization to a mobile experience for our mobile customers. Furthermore, a bigger task was to perform a rapid user study to understand our customers even more on the mobile scenarios - which data is the important to them, what they want to see most, at the cycles of the election.


The Challenge

The challenge is to create an intuitive experience of data results in cycles of the elections like the Primaries.


Designing a comprehensive data visualization for the mobile space that is natural and intuitive for our mobile customers. 

Designed the Primaries Results Map on mobile space

Designed the sentiment individual polling data visualization in a mobile newsfeed


Designed the party sentiment polling data visualization in a mobile newsfeed. 


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