Reimangining content consumption.

Roles and scope of work:
Product Designer. Created wireframes, userflows, conducted user studies, high fidelity prototypes, and visual design.

Revolva is a product that revolves around ones daily life. This is a proof of concept that originated from a news consumption experience evolving to a richer content discovery product.

The main feature of this product is highly customizable content that is personalized by its user to suit their day to day life using real-time content that is always evolving, fresh, carefully curated by human editors combined with machine learning technology.
The intent to have deeply personalized and consistent content across user’s experiences and devices. This experiment will test the hypothesis for increasing Monthly and Daily Active Users.

Case Study

Customer Problem Hypothesis

Concept Hypothesis

Feature Hypothesis

I believe that customers with these daily information consumption habits are limited in their ability in trying to get the latest updates on the latest news, and any other topics of interests that are useful to them, because there isn’t a seamless all-in-one product that can cater to their own unique interests in real-time.

I believe that in creating a seamless and “real-time” content consumption product that caters to each person, we will provide latest and most relevant news and other content that customers need and want all in one place and customizable to each individuals needs as they see fit.

How? We let them customize it. We will know this to be true when we see an increase in daily engaged user numbers, and a positive user sentiment feedback in user testing and experiments.

I believe that people who use this product will be successful in satisfying their daily habits of content consumption by selecting their own content like, the latest news of most relevant story developments a to date, and their topics of interests using ‘Real-time content delivery, seamless user experience, user initiated customization and exquisite design. 

This will be achieved when the experience is led by our user’s preferences and providing relevant and fresh information for our customers in real time. We will know that they were successful when we see their willingness to comeback and use our experience over and over again.

Customer Insights

By internal surveys, polls and customer interviews, we asked customers on their content preferences that are most important to them during the time of day.

While the behavior and preferences change depending on the time of day, there are elements that rank in the top 5, throughout the day.


Proposed Solution

My solution is to create multiple sections based on our unique selling point of our features. For customizability, these sections will be editable on based on what customers want to see first on their feed. Additionally, any other features can be added, dismissed and re-ordered accordingly. These unique modules will be created with visual disctinction with one of another to create an engaging experience.

I will craft the experience by paying great attention to the smallest details and features that are able delight customers like a personalized messages. That, and combining them with quality content that customers would enjoy, find interesting, and ultimately useful in their daily life. It would read as something line a newspaper, but also like a magazine Something designed with beautiful colours, engaging UI, honest interaction patterns, trusted content and a tasteful typography.



I utilized the layer-cake scanning pattern which consists of fixations made mostly on the page’s headings and subheadings, with deliberate occasional fixations on the (body) text in between. In an eyetracking heatmap or gaze plot, this pattern looks roughly like a set of horizontal stripes and blank spaces between them, resembling a layer cake.

The layer-cake pattern is by far the most effective way to scan pages: most of the time, it ensures that users will find the information they are looking for (if it is present on the page). - NN/G UX Research 


The Design

With the layer-cake approach and striking visual imagery for each section, the aim is to capture the audience's interest. Details and delighters are added to enrich the daily consumption experience. Evolving quality content that is curated by human editors combined with machine leading technology content is key in providing useful, informative, fun & interesting content personalized to the user. 

The flow will read like a magazine designed with beautiful colours, engaging UI a tasteful combination typographic finesse. Customizable content by the user. User can choose what they want to see or not to see.

The Landing Screen


Topics and Interest Manager

Local Experience


Art Direction and Design:  Dirga Agoes

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