2015 Canada website & brand launch.

Roles: UX and Graphic Designer • Agency: me&ideas inc. • Client: SABMiller Canada

When we relaunched Miller Genuine Draft in Canada I designed and art directed the development of all digital assets and creative. The new brand was brought to life through the energy of the city at night, the golden glow and the deep blacks. The digital assets include, Desktop, mobile and tablet, along with twitter, FB and Instagram accounts.

MGD Website


Best. Night. Ever.

This territory is about big over the top nights. It’s about dreaming big. It’s about explosive big nights out. It’s not about any one experience, it’s about your best night. The idea of this Lead Visual is the potential of tonight is unlimited. Tonight could be the best night of your life. It could be the night you discover something new, the night you find a new band, even the night you find someone new… Tonight could be the... Best. Night. Ever.


It's Miller Time & NBA

Partnership lead visual logo design for the 2015/16 season

Miller Genuine Draft in Canada partnered with the National Basketball Association. I designed and art directed the development of visuals that connect basketball and MGD’s energy at night. The lead visual was used as a sign-off for MGD / NBA spots on TV and the web.

TV Spot


Roles: Creative direction. Art direction and design of website. UX/I.
Design & UX: Dirga Agoes, Eugenia T. / Copywriter: Jeff Lewis / Developer: BBD - Blueband / Agency: me&lewis ideas inc. / Client: Miller Genuine Draft Canada - SABMiller Canada.

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