2017 Milk Calendar

Dairy Farmers of Canada Annual Calendar Print Design

The iconic Milk Calendar is a decades long for Dairy Farmers traditions that harks back to the 70’s. Every year, the Milk Calendar offers up delicious recipes made with local ingredients and using Canadian milk.

The annual 2017 Milk Calendar celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Dairy Farmers of Canada, which coincides with Canada’s 150th birthday. We wanted the calendar’s typography and direction to live in a contemporary space and appeal to a wide generation.

Roles: Print and Graphic Designer
Agency: DDB/Tribal Worldwide
Client: Dairy Farmers of Canada

The Cover Page

The main approach is to create a celebratory front cover, that both stands out amongst the past 40 calendars, and feels consistent with the Milk Calendar tradition. We will do this by combining the beautiful food photography and styling that the Milk Calendar has come to be known for with the fun, delicate styling of papercraft.


The Calendar Recipe Pages

To highlight the theme of modernizing recipes from their original versions, we will use contemporary, sleek dishes and styling, with touches of vibrant colour. Additionally, by using textures like wood, white marble, slate and whitewashed wood, we will maintain the beautiful rustic quality of the Milk Calendar and Dairy Farmer tradition.



Creative Director: Ben Playford / Designer: Dirga Agoes / Art Director: Hayley Hinkley / Copywriter: Jacquelyn Parent / Photography: David De Stefano, Uno Photodesign, Heather Ogg / Account: Cassia Napier / Photo retoucher: Jon Krogh / Media: Print / Agency: Tribal DDB / Client: Dairy Farmers of Canada

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